S – Week 7 Log

5/12: 3 hours NetLogo, 1 hour reading Caroline Bergvall’s poetry, 2 hours with Unoriginal Genius

5/13: 1 hour of class time, 2 hours reading Calculated Poetry, 1 hour w/ N. Rose’s website/lectures, 1 hour with E-Poetics, 1 hour writing final project

5/14: 3.75 of class, 3 hours with NetLogo, 1 hour with Prehistoric Digital Poetry: An Archaeology of Forms, 1959-1995, 1 hour writing poetry

5/15: 3 hrs of class, 3 hours at Troubling the Line book release reading, 2 hours revising poetry, 1 hour with Neuro  

5/16: 2 hours of class, 1 with Neuro, 3 hours writing final project

5/17: 2 hours with Unoriginal Genius, 3 hours reading prose poems lent from John

5/18: 1 hour with Unoriginal Genius, 2 hours writing Bachelardian Reverie, 1 hr with Ron Silliman’s blog (check out the post on Leonard Schwartz, Evergreen professor, posted on 5/19!), 1 hr with Kenny Goldsmith’s work

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