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i-week 9 neurorev

“It’s far too early”

author says

“to say anything for sure”

but culture is a hungry beast

and will say whatever might be said.

“Is Neuron a contemporary god?” I was once asked.

the unspoken message believes it so

all the funding says “look at the brain

and see the meaning of insane

and see me–authority

i can fix and fill your neural cavities.”

so much focus on the brain.

you don’t have to speak

what’s really being said

to know that the Powers That Be

are harnessing us further

I think–

based on no definitive statements–

individuality is coming to an end.

i- week 8 neurorev

We are Neuron, nothing more

nothing more

nothing more

every one a synapse

every one the same

But what is it they do not tell you?

Neurons fire, all the same

you are nothing, just a brain

that is, after all, the logical conclusion

arrived at from this indisputable fact–

we all are what’s under our hats

but one thing they never tell you..

muscles move before you think.

some things happen

that cannot be “logically” deduced.

Reactions occur with no direct stimulus

and patterns don’t fit inside the boxes we’ve made.

I mean guys, with all the research you’ve been doing,

Haven’t you heard of the neurons in the Heart?

i- week 6 neurorev


[T]heory of mind has come to be a central concern for social brain theorists and a key element in their explanatory repertoire. One dimension has come to be termed mentalization—a kind of built-in intersubjectivity in human experience, perhaps shared with some other primates. Mentalization refers to the ‘largely automatic process by which we “read” the mental states of others’ and which helps us make predictions about their future actions.”                        —Neuro [145]



 Another fancy word for it


It seems the Noble Sciences

Have found what we call “Nwyvre”

In a seeming act of almost pure



The interweaving web of World

(though not the ‘world wide web’)

They say hides in everything

So all the little boys and girls

Don’t need to say anything


I suddenly hear Science sing.


The secret web within the planet—


No single one of us can plan it,

Not you alone or him or me.

Now ‘mentalize’ this, goddamnit,

It’s not just automatically.