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Ml – Week 8 Poetry

What is this world without passion?

What makes a lawyer start a firm

What makes a doctor practice

Theres no cheat codes in this game

But you got control all you need is practice

Virtuous vigilance is very vindicating

Indicating that my stance is where I should be waiting

Now I know that I would never waste a day away

Because my passion drips from my tongues tip to take the pain away

Some may find it a trending topic or maybe even fashion

It’s a part of me not apart from me

and hopefully It’ll never be I imagine

Ml – Week 7 Poetry

What will you talk about?

Ink spots on hands on pad

Blots, blotches, caught up now

Will you talk rings watches watch them

Watching you talking about

How you sell your soul out.

Will you look into the past and future

How you sail your soul out

Or be a hostage held to what they said


Sirens, sirens, please stay out my mind while im writing

Hectic thoughts all I see is blazes of fire and lightning

Stretched across a field of lost desire and writhing

Heat in my head my hand even in the pen that i’m scribing

With, anger danger and violence, these words are the livest

Talk about highs lows and whichever girl is the finest

Vanity stricken, if its about bullshit I bet you would listen

Rap ain’t the work you put in, its whatever car that you’re whippin

I want to write these lyrics right bare god as my witness

Picture perfect pictures painted with every depicted sentence

And in the end I end the stress in whatever chair that im sittin

Hear my heart and hear my mind and take a second to listen

Because its not all about vanity or materialism

It could be spirituality, internal decisions

Rap is about all that inside knowledge, experience, wisdom

All it takes is to hear yourself, dreaming, hoping, and wishing.


Ml – Week 6 Poetry

Something I wrote specifically about my experience during the process of recording for the first time during this project.


What would you think if I were to sink

Into my own skin I slink

Scared of my voice I don’t have a choice

Try to get over and think

My sound is important I can’t try to force it

It’s me from my head to my feet

Under a rush just ain’t enough

Love of my lyrics just leave

Then it’s just clear I feel my own fear

Hands clam up and I stop

Scared of my thoughts eyes there to watch

Even if I know that they’re not

Ml – Week 5 Poetry

Something i’m in the process of working on, a rough draft of sorts…

As Heaven Would Have It

Loveless unloving lover, body like Marilyn

With hair, air and bare skin

Eyes an ocean I would dare swim

If I even knew how to

Give up any and every taboo just to have you

You look just like infinity

behind your identity so much mystery

I want to uncover your undercover

I’m not your enemy

Don’t refrain from saying what’s in your brain

I want to get in that thing if you know what i’m saying

I see your love for cinematic action

You live an addict for seeing cause and effect happen

Well here you have it all signs and semantics

Maybe we’ll meet after life

Have some kind of attachment

Or that’s the plan

As heaven would have it