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Pil – Week 7 Bachelard

“What a tension of childhoods there must be, held in reserve at the bottom of our being, for a poet’s image to make us suddenly relive our memories, reimagining our images by starting from well assembled words. ” Bachelard 115


Darkness clouds through the grey starlight

Twinkles in the wide open sky

Worlds across the ether open to the night

As dawn rises the fog shrouds the earth’s mask

Slowly covering all in the shroud of morning dew

Waking to the dim light covered in warmth

slow to rise for the dreamscape lingers

Dreams of the sunlight

Dreams of the dark

As eyes open the sunlight beckons

the warmth of the every shining star

burns the sheet of grey and the world awakens

soft chirps sound in the distance

Soft rousing


It is morning

and the dark is but a memory


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Pil – Week 6 Bachelard

“These images melt together in an intimate warmth, in the constant softness where the nucleus of the feminine bathes in every soul” (Bachelard 64)

The woman to my left

Your softness caresses my dreams

Where you stand tall and proud in my arms

Cradled in white,

The white of the pure

the white of the just.

You embody all that I am not

and all I can never be

Yet here you stand softly in my arms

shoulder to shoulder

hip to hip

in a loving embrace.

You are all that is female,

You bare your soul for the world to see

You show your heart so that all my see

And here you stand

covered in white, the white of our first night

For you are my love

you are my joy

you are my wife.

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Pil – Week 5 Bachelard

“Sometimes the words are unfaithful to the things. They try to establish oneiric synonymies between things. The phantomalization of objects is always expressed in the language of visual hallucinations.” (Bachelard 49)

Chaos (f) How can this be defined now that it is changed into something different? Would we say that chaos is now something not to fear or at least shun?

Love (m) How can we say that this form of love is not the same. Can we?

I say these are but one in the same. The (f) Chaos is quite the same as (m) Love. The idea that you could be thinking the same as I is unheard of, however, the meaning still lies just beneath the surface of the words and their designations. Do you think I am talking about masculine and feminine?