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wo – poetry week 8 – Emergence

emerge from within

settle back down to earth

adjusting your eyes

what do you see now?

did you build what dreams may come?

there, sits a tea house

i see it scatter

each piece beautifully diverse


i see it gather

Angles ColLiDe LifTinG MouNtaiNs


i see a tea house

rising out of the chaos


structure grows freedom

for a box won’t hold it all

would be too heavy

find freedom in form

and form your freedom within

will help you function

for if form fits function

and the function is our lives

form must be infinite


Wo poetry week 7 – Meditation


It moves slowly through

eye of the eye seeing you

Blank stares, darkened blue

If thoughts are the flames

casting shadows in our lives

embrace the darkness

Flickering light beams

still pass through shadows of night

what dreams now take flight

tourniquet yourself

release the tension inside

fresh blood rushes in

oxygen breathes flame

and from nothing comes something

from nothing, something

Morning sun brings dew

things anew, things anew here

morning sun brings dew


Wo poetry week 6 – Building


elements lift up

latice work locked into place

what secrets lie hidden here?

in the joint, the truss

complexity lies hidden

humbly holding us

we build little cells

blood and flesh, within which dwell

trillions of other stories to tell

held together by

the structures that built us all

relationships grow

can we feel our bones

strengthening as we build you?

we grow together

i walk in your ribs

and wonder what i learn from

this anatomy?

bodies are fleeting

they move like the wind just to

rebuild us again


the wood built itself

still smells so fresh ‘n’ so clean

it finds life again




Wo poetry week 5 – Forming


Saw teeth cut wood grain

Apoptosis shaves away

Sculpting forms in space

Chisels peel and pierce

Ancient sculptures of flesh

Revealing (hidden) layers

Ghostly blueprints find

Themselves laid down onto wood

Hinting what will come

Moving from carelessness

To vigilance, we light up the world

Illuminating ghosts

Joinery shapes wood

Growing fractals like fingers


Birth of creation

Subtlety like nurturing

Delicacy of birth