V – (Dandelions and V’s)

Harvesting Taraxacum Offcinalis:

Oh how the vibrant Yellow of the wide open dandelions rejuvenate my spirit.      Their headlong medicine turns me onto a new page of thought, a thought of flowing, that special scent that only comes with the placement of the sun directly overhead, puffy freshly hung clouds floating in the distance.   I got a moment to go out in my new yard and pluck their gracious heads from their sturdy stems today.  I then sat in the sun, taking the time to remove the sepals and place the petals in a jar like so: Image

I covered these sweeties with olive oil and hope to make some lovely salves in the summer time-this oil I find particularly magical and would love to gift it in the late summer!

I highly suggest trying Dandelion Fritters or any other combination of putting this lovely plant into your own body, your own vessel.  It is rich with minerals and is fabulous to tone and cleanse the system during this spring time! Enjoy and have fun.

V, forming the opening with Pottery.

Today during my time with the wheel I choose to work with the letter V.   Here is a riff I wrote as I said V over and over again.


: The sun. The Sole of the Uterus, a holding and releasing to something sensual.

Upward.  Holding hands to the sun – light.  a light letter with an intrusion of space. The tangle and untangling of growth, hanging on your tongue.  The horns of a bull.  An entrance, to what?

A bird, the wings in shape of taking flight.  Sound, a humming of the chest.  Opening of the mouth.  An Exhalation. VIBRATION.

so then…..I made a vase.  I got to spend time with this piece, it allowed me to work patiently with it for over an hour.  Pulling, pressing, being gentle and patient, being open to its inevitable collapse, yet this never came, which was nice.  I now have a a vase that expressed an outward feeling, an opening that begins wide and falls into a smaller center, reminding me of the yoni, the womb, the sound of a v that leads into a word, that letter that seems to weave the word and vibrate through the whole.

I intend to look into the history of V now that I have let my mind freely play with it.  Allowing my artistic mind and scientific mind to play off one another i will shift from doing research then throwing, to throwing and then doing research.  I believe this will give me a taste of how i artistically tap into the pottery and the language of our associations with letters.

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