P – Week 2 Log

Monday, 4-8-13:  1/2 MP, 1/2 Bodystories, 2 reading Space and Place, 2 freewriting, 2 internet research

Tuesday, 4-9-13:  1/2 MP, 1/2 Tai Ji, 4 hours fighting with WordPress, posting to Moodle, resizing photo for e-alphabet icon, trying to figure out how to upload MP3 to WordPress, 3 Perloff, 2 writing

Wednesday, 4-10-13:  1/2 MP, 1/2 making chart to keep track of hours, 1 notes from Perloff, 4 My ED, 2 writing by bonfire, 1 “Writing Poetry”

Thursday, 4-11-13:  1/2 MP, 1/2 porch Tai Ji, 2 Neuro, 2 “Writing Poetry”, 5 My ED close reading and notetaking

Friday, 4-12-13:  4 Neuro, 2 My ED, 1/2 MP, 1 free write, 1/2 yoga

Saturday, 4-13-13:  1 My ED, 2 Neuro, 1 writing

Sunday, 4-14-13:  1/2 MP, 1/2 Bodystories

Total:  49 hours (not bad for spending several days driving back and forth across the midwest and sitting in a truck in a pipeyard for several hours)

This week started off in Kentucky.  We were still hanging out at J’s house which had been empty for almost a year, fixing it up and trying to make it habitable.  While doing that we have been living half in the house, half in the trailer.  Kind of annoying and kind of fun at the same time…While getting the house ready, we’ve also been getting ready to move again in case he gets called to a job–usually very little notice–so we are also spring cleaning the trailer and making repairs to both his pickup and gigantic work truck.  As some of you know, I am a terrible procrastinator and tend to put my schoolwork off to the last minute, but J has been really good about reminding me to do some every day, he even set up a desk and chair on the patio so I can work outside when it’s nice.  On Thursday he decided to go to Illinois for the weekend, where he has family and business interests near the Iowa border.  On the drive to Illinois, I did a lot of reading and leaning out the window taking photographs, and J taunted me that I was going to drop my camera on the freeway (I didn’t).  We spent most of Friday driving back and forth between Iowa and Illinois, stopping at various pipeyards and mechanic shops while I sat in the truck doing my schoolwork, with my books spread all over the dash and my laptop on my knees.  For some strange reason I get a lot more work done in less than ideal environments than I do sitting at a desk.  We are probably driving to West Virginia on Monday to pick up even more work equipment, and then back to Kentucky for a few days to regroup.

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