Week 6 Calculated Poem

“Imagine a series of Chinese boxes in which each box contains a series of chinese boxes.”
(Fractal Geometry, 22)
“You are everywhere partial and entire.
(Hymn, A.R. Ammons)

I hold the universe in my curves
A plethora of galaxies hidden in my pupils
Planets far and near tucked with the hair behind my ear
“Everything small is just a small version of something big.”
A wise adventurer once said
so I’ll wear asteroids strung like bracelets,
and adorne stars for earrings
and bathe in ideal redundancies in the echo chamber
so I can hear the angel’s voices
all from the peal of a bell.
I am Everywhere, partially and entirely
committing to no commitments
Queen empress of the universe and peasant to myself.
A Series of me in which each me contains a series of me. 

One thought on “Week 6 Calculated Poem

  1. evahou03

    This is really great, Renee. I’ve missed being in seminar with you and hearing your writing every week. “wear asteroids strung like bracelets” and “each me contains a series of me”. Awesome!

    See you in a few weeks!


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