Wo bachelard #2

“And in free reverie, they (man and woman) speak in order to admit their desires, to communicate in the tranquility of a well harmonized double nature.” – 59

“…the human psychism is, in its primitive state, androgynous.  For Jung, the subconscious self is not a repressed consciousness, it is not made of forgotten memories; it is a primary nature.  The subconscious, then, maintains within us forces of androgyneity.  Whoever speaks of androgyneity is brushing the depths of his own subconsciousness with a double antennae.” – 59

in reverie of man and woman

woman and man are so beautiful, the shape of their forms, flowing curves and sharp ridges, fitting together like puzzle pieces.  looking into their eye sea souls, they become warmed. the cold blooded lizard brain is moved to act kindly.  after all these years of evolution, the asexual, amorphis single celled organisms split into separate species, into plant and animal, predator and prey, to finally reunite in the depths of our subconscious?  it was never really gone though… i mean not really.  the predator and prey have an intimate relationship, and they ultimately reunite in the final conflict.  this relationship keeps them in harmony.  the wolf needs the rabbit to live, and in turn he keeps their population balanced.  but are we the first organisms since the single celled amoebas able to individually reach this harmony?  what a gift…. that is why I am thankful for our physical forms, here to remind us to balance our duality…

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