Week 2- April 12

1.  Quiz and Review
—– Covenant, Attendance, and Requirements
—– Chapter 1
—– Operating Systems, History and Model

2.  Communications and Gmail
——- other options?

3.  Questions:  Webpage and Form Letter
——– Run/Save/Edit/Rerun in notepad  Web, Formletter
——– HTML standards, tools, and our purpose
——– How to save to your cubbie and USB drive
——– How and when will they be graded??

4.  Website and Form Letter Work Time (30 minutes)

5.  PROOF:    Computer Languages
——- Know what you don’t know and Know what you do know
——- Programming Languages:  Model to Language and back
——- Turing Machine, English vs ANY programming Language
——- Caveat:  Input, Output, and Arrays

6.  Input and Output
——- What can we input and how good is it vs the Computer?
——- What can we output vs the Computer

7.  Seminar #1:  Kurzweil
—— Law of Accelerating Returns??
—— The Magic of exponential growth
————– Manhattan ($24 in 1626 at 7% interest??)
————– Personal Finance/ Frugal Freedom

8.  Storage
—-digital vs analog:  why digital??
—- what can be stored and how? where?
—- arrays and lists:  nextness
—- var and assignments in JavaScript

9.  JavaScript Input and Output:  Review Chapters 4 and 5

10. JavaScript Variables: How they work
       Practice Calculations 

       Practice using JS Prompt and doc.write
       JavaScript operators and Math Functions 

       Read Code #1

11.  Change Program Template and Assignment.

12.  How are computers used?
—–Tools:   old tools, new ones
————How can tools hinder progress
————Why do we avoid using the best tool?
—–Tutor:  Will computers revolutionize education?
—–Tutee:   Why learn programming?
————– Programming Jobs
————– What is programming?
————– The Programming Model
————– What can I teach the computer?
———————-Are me more than we can say?  Poetry?
———————-Evolve programs    No IDE
———–Between people
———–Between computers
—–Thinking Machines:  Beyond Tools
—–Entertainment:  Virtual Reality     Concerns??

13.  Hardware Vs Software:  Limits?
——Jordan and Ballerina
——Which is the bigger problem?
—— Golf vs Robot Golf

14.  Kurzweil Video

15.  The If Statement:  Examples
——– The Grading Program

16.  To Do List

17.  Work Time