Week 3- April 19

1.  Quiz

2.  Review
——– Email
——– Chapter 1

3.  Change and Grades: Week 3 folder

4.  The Programming Process:
——- Teach dogs, us, computers?
——- Why?   Know, Do, Believe:  Strength and anchor
——- How will you write your programs?
——- Reading Code:  No if or while
——- Change:  Bottom Up- Code to English
——- Top Down

5.  The IF statement:  Review
——- the key work, the condition, the brackets, the semi-colon
——- code to English:  Grade program
——- nesting
——- && and ||  (And and Or)  Examples.  Avoid nesting
——- Extra:  else ??
——- Hard Part!!  Where to go next.  Finger as Pointer

6.  Read Code:  IF

7.  The Movie Program and The Decision Table

8.   Coding and Decision Table Work Time

9.   The History of Computers
——– Tubes, Transistors, IC, LSI
——– How do you make computers faster?
——– Rat in a Maze
——– Future?  The S curve

10.  Hardware vs Software:  Limits?

11.  Tutee: Programming,  Tutor: Very undeveloped,  Tool?
———  FrugalFreedom template,  Personal Finance and Exponential Growth
———  Have more time AND money

12.  Tic Tac Toe

13.  Seminar:  Have your notes and preparation handy
——- Law of Accelerating Returns and a Jigsaw Puzzle

14.  The While Loop
——— Count with While
——— End on user input

15.  Read Code:  Competency

16.  Number Guess Program

17.  Craps

18.  To Do List

19.  Work Time.  Get a start


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