1.  Diagram and label a computer
2.  List the 6 things a computer can do
3.  List the 5 statements in JavaScript you need to do these things
4.  Which of a person’s Input can the computer do?
5.  Which of a person’s Output can the computer do?
6.  Besides the 5 JavaScript statements in #3 above, and the Inputs and Outputs for #4 and #5 above, what else do you need to write any program to do any task?
7.  Diagram the programming process
8.  Diagram a bit and a byte
9.  Why are there 8 bits in a byte?
10.  Diagram the relationship between the User, the Operating System, Hardware and Application Software
11.  Can a computer learn on its own?  Create?
12.  What is an Array?
13.  How are today’s computers different that computers of the past or future
14.  How are today’s computers the same as computers of the past or present
15.  What is the difference between RAM and ROM
16.  Why does making a computer smaller make it also faster?
17.  What is the fundamental limitation of computers?
18.  Diagram a transistor and describe how it works
19.  What are the 3 gates that a computer is made of?
20.  What is the purpose of a function in JavaScript?
21.  Change a base 10 number into a binary number and visa versa
22.  Why is digital better than analog for sending information?
23.  Describe how the computer adds 2 binary numbers together
24.  How do you know that anything solved in English can be solved via a program?
25.  What will keep you safe from being replaced by a computer?