You will have 2 types of presentations for this course, individual article research reports and a group cognition report.

Individual research report:   The default topic for this presentation will be to research how technology is changing the demand and content of a job you are interested in doing in 2-10 years.   What are the new developments and how will it change the job?   Alternatively, you can research a new technology and discuss how it may change computing and society.  In particular, you can review one of the topics discussed in Kurzweil, Ch 3.   Before you begin, make sure there is not another student doing the same topic by looking at the Jobs forum.  Reserve your topic by making and entry outlining your presentation topic.   Review research, articles, books, online content, etc to develop your presentation.  Keep track and record all of your sources.  Instead of a number of sources, the criteria is research time, which should be between 3 and 5 hours.  Make a powerpoint or other preparation, put it in your cubbie, and you can use this on the big screen in class during your 3-5 minute presentation.   You will post a review along with your sources in a forum I will post after all the presentations are done.   Don’t fret over the presentation.  We are all friends here.  Consider this a chance to share what you have learned about a topic you care about.   Presentations will start on May 3.

Group Cognition Report.  You will work with a group of 2-3 other students to research and present your findings on an area of cognition, perception, psychology, or philosophy related to computer technology.  You will be given details of this assignment later in the quarter.