To Do

May 31:  The following must be done before our last class, June 7
– Review for Content Exam.  See KNOW menu link
-Read Reed,  Chapter 18
– Read Kurzweil, Chapter 9.  Prepare Seminar notes
– Practice for Competency exam
– Be prepared to show me any enhancements to your programs in class
– Research and Prepare for your Group Presentation (10-15 min per group)
– Email me with your research sources and presentation material for your individual presentation
– Prepare for your Evaluation Conference

May 17:  The following are all to be completed in 2 weeks,  May 31
– Read Reed, Ch 9, Chapter 10
– Read Reed, Chapter 16
– + Do Review Question, p 308-10,  2-22 evens.
– Play with 4 bit adder  Trace computer adding 2 numbers between 0 and 15
—— example  12 + 8  (1100 + 1000),   11 + 7 (1011 + 0111)
–  Practice changing a base 10 number (ie 48, or 82) into a binary number
– Practice changing a binary number (ie  101101 or 1101101) to a base 10 number
– Practice (practice, practice) Competencies
– Work on Mastermind
– Communicate with Brain Group:  Prepare Presentation
– Finish Portfolio Programs.  Post
– Do extra assignments:  Battleship, Craps2, etc
– Read Kurzweil, Chapters 6, 7, and 8
– Prepare a 2-3 page critique/questions/analysis of Kurzweil
–  Do Machine Language programs:  Try challenge:  Divide

If you are not going to attend class on May 24:
—–  Watch and critique  PBS  Watson video
——- Either help (Tutor) or get help from other students for Competencies
——–  Watch and Make Contributions to LINK videos in Forum on Blog
** Next week in class we will:  Take and Review competency exams, perhaps twice,  Work on all other programs, including extra credit programs,  Finish Presentations, Tutor and Tutee competencies, Watch and discuss Watson video,  General Help session

May 10:  Due before class on May 17
– Read Reed Chapter 14 carefully
– + Do Chapter review questions, p 271, evens only.  Turn in the 17th
– Play with the Knob and Switch simulation, Ch 14 Reed
– Finish Kurzweil, Chapter 5
– + Prepare seminar notes for Chapter 5 on paper
– Finish Tic Tac Toe.  Prepare to ‘show it off’ on the 17th
– Work on Mastermind.  Make a GOOD second guess
– Work on Competencies.  Tutor others. Check home page for examples
– Finish Number Guess, craps and craps with events/functions as time permits

May 3: Due before class May 10
-Read carefully Reed, Chapters 17 and 15 on Arrays and Strings
-Run the example programs for Chapter 15 and 17. Experiment with code
-Practice Read code and Write code competencies
-Read Kurzweil,  Chapter 5,  pages 205-259
-Finish your Tic Tac Toe program.  You will show it off on May 10
-Make sure you leave class today with your Week 4 and Week 5 cubbie correct
-Code Craps with Events and Functions.  Think up extensions
-Practice Read Functions Competency
——- More examples:   readFunctions1  ReadFunctions2
  Prepare for your Presentation next time in class.

April 26:  The following tasks must be completed before class on May 3:

1.  Read Reed, Chapter 4 and 7.  Run the example programs on
2.  Read Reed, Chapter 8 on Algorithms and Programming Languages
3. + Do the Ch 8 Review questions, Evens ONLY, 2-22, on page 152.  Turn in before class
4.  + Read Kurzweil, Chapter 4.  Prepare a 1-2 page question/analysis prep for Seminar
5. + Finish the Craps program started in class.  Turn in a paper copy of your code before class on May 3.  Put the code under craps.html in your Week 5 folder before class
6.  Finish your TTT program, at least through move 3.  Code Move 4/5  Due May 10
7.  + Finish your preparation and powerpoint for your Presentation, to be given May 3
8.  Practice the Read Code and Write Code competency questions until you can do them quickly and correctly a few times in a row.  Our first test will be on May 3.

April 19:  The following tasks must be completed before class on April 26:

1.  Read Reed, Chapter 13.  Run example code at
2.  Read Kurzsweil, Chapter 3
3.  + Prepare 1-2 page seminar prep paper
4.  + Code Movie program.  Turn in Decision Table on paper, code in Week 4 folder
5.  Look at Tic Tac Toe program.  Devise a strategy
6.  + Code Number Guess Program.  Copy code to Week 4 Cubbie folder
7.  Practice Read Code examples
8.  Start research on your Job and Technology presentation (2 weeks)
9.  + Make an English explanation on how to play craps.  Turn in on paper before class

April 12:  The following tasks must be completed before the start of class on April 19.  Items marked with a “+” will be graded and/or collected.  Late assignments will not be accepted, but must be turned in at a later date for a reduced score.  Make SURE you check the To Do list well before class to make sure everything is done.

1.  Read Reed, Chapter 3 and 6
2.  + Do Chapter 3 Review questions on paper, page 58-9, evens only due before class
3.  + Do Chapter 6 Review questions on paper, page 116-7, odds only due before class
4.  Read Reed, Chapter 11.  Look at and run/tweak example code
5.  Read Kurzweil, Chapter 2
6.  + Prepare 1-2 page paper with summary/critique/questions/examples of reading
7.  + Finish Change program and save as change.html in your cubbie.  Try extensions
8.  + Finish Grade program and save as grades.html in your cubbie
9.  Play with Tic Tac Toe template.  Look at code.  Not due for several weeks
10. + Make a contribution to the JOBS and Technology Forum
11. Open a gmail account.  Add to your contacts.  Use this to contact other students online to chat, call, etc.  I will be there also at times
12.  Form study groups using About Me, HELP forum, or contact during class time

April 5:  The following tasks must be completed before the start of class on April 12.  Items marked with a “+” will be graded and/or collected.  Late assignments will not be accepted, but must be turned in at a later date for a reduced score.  Make SURE you check the To Do list well before class to make sure everything is done.

-Read Reed, Chapter 1 carefully
– +Do the Review Questions for Chapter 1, page 17-18,  #1-21 ODD ONLY:  Turn in answers on paper, on April 12 before class.
-Skim read Reed Chapter 2.  Try and tweak example html files on the book website
-Read Reed, Chapters 3 and 4.  Try the example problems on the textbook website
-Copy, paste, save, run, tweak, rerun javascript programs on this site, the textbook website, and at the w3school website
– +Make a first try at the Javascript Form Letter program.  Come with a finished program or questions about your code by the first of class, April 12.  Your code is due at the end of class on April 12 and will be graded.
– +Work on your Personal Website by tweaking the example code from the April 5 class.  Your finished code must be posted by the end of class, April 12.  Other students will see your site, so use discretion in its content.  I will grade this assignment after class April 12.
– Read the Prologue and Chapter 1 (pages 7-21) of the Kurzweil Book
– +Prepare one full page of questions and comments from your reading for Seminar on April 12.  Include points you agree with or disagree with, and your own reaction to content.  Have this page (or more) with you on April 12 as we have our first Seminar discussion.
– Review this website carefully, including the class notes, Covenant, Examples, Syllabus, and To Do list.   Especially make sure to check every other day or so the home page for notes from me to you.  I may announce problems, fixes, changes, or additions you need.
– +Make a contribution to the About Me Forum before class on April 12.  The purpose of this forum is to help you form study groups.  Reply to students you want to work with.
– +Post a contribution to the “What I Currently Believe” Forum before class on April 12.  Reply to at least one post.
– +Email me at  Include any learning issues you have, solutions, and concerns.  Let me know if I can post an email for you on the class email list
– If you have a question, try the HELP forum under Communications.   Check this forum to see if you can help another student.  I may note on my evals your usage of this resource.
– Install any additional communication resources you may need- gchat, skype, twitter, etc.