Write Code Competency Practice Problem

Write Code Example 1 ENGLISH


Write a program to get test scores from the user until a 0 test score is entered. For each test, tell if it is below 50.  After you finish getting all the scores, print out the average of all the even scores, the highest odd score, and the number of scores in the 80s.


get a test score
while there are still tests left
—-if it is below 50
——–tell the user it is below 50
—-if this score is even
———add this test score to the total for even test scores
———add 1 to the count of even scores
—–if this score is odd
———-if this is the highest odd score so far
—————–change the high odd score to this score
—–if this score is greater that 79 and less than 90
————-add 1 to the count for scores in the 80s

—–get the next score

print the total of even scores divided by the count of even scores
print the highest odd score
print the count of scores in the 80s


See the actual program run and the JavaScript source here