1.  The computer is a tool that we made.  It follows our instructions.  It helps us do what we could already do before it came along.  It just helps us do it better.  We are in control.

2.  A computer is dependent upon us to tell it what to do.  It cannot learn on its own.

3.  The computer has no way to interact with the world the way we can.

4.  The computer cannot create, have emotions, or develop its own set of values.

5.  Our brain is structurally superior to the computer.

6.  There is no limit to what the computer can or should do in the future.

7.  We will be slaves to our computer overlords within 50 years.

8.  The computer will soon obtain a consciousness, and to turn a computer off will be considered ‘murder’.

9.  We will be able to download our brain into the computer and therefore live forever.

10. The computer is structurally superior to the brain.