Week 5- May 3

1.  Quiz and Review
—Check your Week 4 (movie.html, numguess.html) and Week 5 (craps.html) cubbie

2.  Is There anything you can teach a person to do in English
that you cannot teach a computer to do in JavaScript?
——-  Is every job taught in English

3.  Can a computer learn on its own?  Create?  Feel?  Evolve?
——–  How can a  computer learn?
——–  Teacher and Reading?   Teacher no longer needed
——-   Learn on its own from its own experience
——-   Create?   Pattern matching, cross disciplines:  Darwin, etc
——-   Emotions?   Seek 1s in ‘Mood zone’   What you do??
——-  What problems do we need emotions to solve??
——-  How can a computer evolve?   Hardware?  Software?

4.  What Limits?  A computer counselor:  Eliza

5.  So what jobs are safe??

6.  Competency Test

7.  Review Test and Questions

8.  Functions
——– Why?   Reuse, Complexity, Make your English Computable
——– Flow of Control
——– Passing Variables:  Why?  How?  Trace?
——– Competency #3 –Example 1 –Example 2
——-  Handout and Review

9.  Seminar

10.  Events and Properties
——- History
——-  A simple example:  averaging with events:
——-  Roll a dice:  dice1
——-  Properties and Objects
————– an Example

11.  Craps with Events and Functions:
———- Template

12.  Tic Tac Toe

13.  To Do

14.  Work Time