More Write CODE practice problems

Use the template from the Write Code Example link for week 4.  You can solve these problems on paper, first in English, then try to convert them to JavaScript.  If you like, you can test them by changing the template above.   I will grade on the accuracy of your steps, not on the exact syntax, and you will turn in your competency just on paper.  Try some of these examples:

Enter numbers from the user until a test score is entered that is over 100.  For each test score entered, tell if it is even or odd.  Also tell if it is below 60.  Once a score is entered that is over 100, print the highest even score under 80 and the number of scores over 60.

Enter scores from the user until a 0 is entered.  For each score,if a score is under 70, ask for this persons name.  When a 0 is entered, print the number of odd scores that are less than 80 and the highest even score below 70.  Also print the average of all even scores between 60 and 90.

Enter scores until an even score less than 10 is entered by the user.  For each score, tell if it is above 90.  Get the name of the student for every score above 95.  When the loop is exited, print how many odd scores were between 50 and 90.  Print the average of all even scores less than 80, and print the highest odd score in the 70s.

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