Week 4- April 26

1.  Quiz and Review

2.  Attendance and Week 7

3.  Where we have been and where we are going
——  Basic capabilities
—–   Build towards English
—–   More than English?
—–   What Limits??
—–   Prove Capabilities:  Transistors
—–   Compare Transistors with Nerves
—–   Compare People with Computers

4.  Read Code:   Competency #1

5.  Craps
——– Review Movie and Number Guess
——-  English Craps
——-  Code from English
——-  Finish..

6.  Write Code:  Competency #2
——–  Problem senario:  Teacher’s Aid
——-   Tool Kit:  counter, sum, high, even/odd (etc..)
——-   English to JavaScript

7.  Tic Tac Toe

8.  Seminar

9.  Presentation:

10.  Is There anything you can teach a person to do in English
that you cannot teach a computer to do in JavaScript?
——-  Is every job taught in English

11.  Can a computer learn on its own?  Create?  Feel?  Evolve?
——–  How can a  computer learn?
——–  Teacher and Reading?   Teacher no longer needed
——-   Learn on its own from its own experience
——-   Create?   Pattern matching, cross disciplines:  Darwin, etc
——-   Emotions?   Seek 1s in ‘Mood zone’   What you do??
——-  What problems do we need emotions to solve??
——-  How can a computer evolve?   Hardware?  Software?

12.  Kurzweil Video

13.  To Do list

14  Work Time