Thank you, RC1

Posted onJune 17, 2010 
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for a great year!!

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RC1: Evaluations and beyond.

Posted onMay 24, 2010 
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1. Peer Evaluations for RC1

What does this entail?  With your peer group* schedule a final meeting sometime before evaluation week during which you will review your collaborative work this quarter. This is a requirement.  To this meeting you will need to bring a written evaluation of each member of your peer group as well as your notes for your own self-evaluation.  The evaluations of your peers should be typed.  They also should be honest and focus both on the achievements/contributions of each person to the group effort as well as areas where there could be improvement.  Each person should read aloud the evaluations received from each group member.  The group should then discuss them and add suggestions or clarification.  You also may choose to share parts of your self evaluation or ask for help with this during this meeting.

In addition please bring these peer evaluations to your conference with me.  This is also required.  While I will not ask you to turn these in, I will ask you to share parts of these at the conferences during evaluation week.  You may wish to quote from these peer evaluations in your self evaluation but that is not a requirement. It is important to me that you take this final part of your collaboration very seriously.

*peer group=4-6 people with whom you have worked closely this quarter and have shared similar responsibilities.  You could make the group larger but remember you will have to write a paragraph for each member.

2. Self Evaluation for RC1

This is required for successful completion of the program.  I recommend that you review the in-house drafts that you crafted earlier in the year and then edit these into a shorter document that concludes with a discussion of your work in spring quarter.  Remember that you do not need to describe what you did (with the exception of spring quarter production work) because I do that in the program description.  Instead, assess how you did and especially note areas that you are proud of and feel best represent your growth as a student this year.

3. Faculty Evaluation

Please complete one and print it out on the official form.  Bring this with you to your evaluation conference. If you would prefer to turn it into my program secretary, please bring it in a sealed envelope and you can turn it in to Cindy in Com. 301.   You certainly could edit the one that you wrote in fall and add additional comments or write a new one.  Again, I do require these.

Production Blogs Are Up

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