The Scribble


THE SCRIBBLE  is a day-long experimental production period in the CCAM where each student will come with the means to create a very short video experiment that we will record in HD (a whole bunch of weird and wondrous stuff [I hope]). You could also work with one collaborator if that is more appropriate re: your idea.  Of course, we all will be available to crew.

This is the time to start to work beyond the notion of a HD-TV studio into an HD/mixed media/experimental environment. At the very least we will do something with green screen and something with interfacing the new Vixia cameras and shooting interesting images from unusual angles.  Also, rescanning.  And maybe how we might use the effects lab. As a second studio but also as an experimental space. It is not about theory, all about practice.  Your fertile mind and interesting take on things is what we need now.  Ken will be there to assist with lighting and straight-ahead audio.  Peter Randlette will join us as a inspiration and  consultant. Raoul and Dave will be there to make sure we don’t make a mess.

No, actually we need to make a mess…conceptually that is!

When:  Friday, January 8, 9:30-4:30

Bring: A GOOD IDEA and the will to make it happen.  This could include sounds or images that you make outside of the studio that would be interesting to work with, a piece of writing that you might perform, a magic trick (!), a Bollywood dance routine…..really anything goes.

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