Week Five Update!!!

1. Please make sure you bring Secrets of Screen Acting to Wednesday AM class (The reading is on syllabus but in case you are unclear it is pp. 55-81 and 99-188.  It is not a bad idea to review the earlier reading from Week 1 as well).  We will be holding an actual seminar on this book [...]

All About Ernie

KEY CONCEPTS Surrealism and DADA Montage Theory (primarily Sergei Eisenstein) HIGH BROW, MIDDLE BROW, LOW BROW (Russell Lynes, “ High Brow, Middle Brow, Low Brow…Which Are You?” Harper’s Magazine, 1949) Counter-Distinction  (Pierre Bourdieu, Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste, 1984) This week’s playlist: from The Best of Ernie Kovacs (1997) Ernie Kovacs [...]

Week 3 Watching Television and more

See sidebar for Crew Rotations, The Solo. Here is our “playlist” for the Wednesday session of Watching Television: Week 3: Walking In Music: Spike Jones and Colgate Comedy Hour, 1951. Folgers and Marlboro Commercials 1950s Percy Dovetonsils, The Ernie Kovacs Show, c.1952 I Love Lucy Pilot (not made for broadcast) 16mm, 1951 “Gracie’s Tax Return”, [...]

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