BIXBY Production Schedule

Studio Production Schedule

Thursday 21st:

Morning: A First Commercial B Narrator

Afternoon: Art Party, crew call @ 2pm. Location TBA

Friday 22nd:

Morning: A I like Lily B P. and N. Historian

Afternoon: A The Rick Bixby Show B P. and N. Historian

Monday 25th

Morning: A Soap Opera B Nothing

Afternoon: A Variety Hour B Nothing

Tuesday 26th

Morning: A Quiz Show B Nothing

Afternoon: A Photo shoot? B Nothing

Wednesday 27th

Morning: A (Load-in SC) Space Chase B Nothing

Afternoon: A Space Chase (breakdown) (Chuckle Hour load-in) B Photo Shoot?

Thursday 28th

Morning: A Chuckle Hour B Pick-ups

Afternoon: A Chuckle Hour B Pick-ups

Production meetings 1/11


Meeting: Tuesday 10am @ Library


Hammer is organizing a screening of Zelig, which is a good example of a mockumentary. Everyone in class is welcome to come and watch in order to better understand the style and form that Bixby wishes to be.

Monday 11:59pm @ Computer Center

Science Fiction

Meeting: Tuesday 6pm @ Vics Pizzeria (near Grocery Outlet)

This meeting is for anyone interested.

Production groups and meetings 1/8

First Commercial/ Soap Opera/ I love Lucy/ Dick Van Dyke

Meeting: Monday 4pm @ Library

Members: Victor, Alexis, Gus, Caitlin, Belinda

Twilight Zone/ Ed Wood/ Star Trek

Meeting: Saturday 1pm @ Library

Members: Jacob, Andy, Loie, Caitlin, Belinda, Matt, James, Kamaria

Variety Show/ Quiz Show/ Laugh-in

Meeting: Sunday 1:30pm @ Library

Members: Ben, Brian, Gus, Elena, Alexis, Victor, Matt

Video Art/ Commercials

Meeting: Monday 6:30pm @ Media Loan

Members: Victor, Tabby, Loie, Greer, Steven, Brian, Guy, Elena, Belinda

Person to Person/ Black listings/ Interviews and Witnesses

Meeting: Sunday 7:30pm @ Tabby’s House (you will receive directions via email!)

Members: Steven, Hammer, Ashe, Tabby, James, Alexis, Gus, Tasha, Jacob

Still Graphics/ Audio/ Bixby Music/ Radio show

Meeting: Tuesday 1pm @Library

Members: James, Kamaria, Belinda, Ashe

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