Syllabus-Fall 2009

“There is no program history in television—everything is experimental.” 1948

Week 1

Weds. 9/30 Introductions, Logistics
Topic 1 Invention: Distant Electric Vision and other clever ideas

Thurs. 10/1 Introduction to Studio Production; Meet Workshop Staff: Ken Wilhelm, Raoul Berman, Stephanie Zorn, Dave Cramton, Diana Schlesselman

Training Rotations begin: Camera (DC), Audio Mixer (KW), Vision Mixer (SZ)

Reading: Television Production Handbook, Chapters 1, 4-9,

Friday 10/2 Training Rotations continue: Directing (SC), Engineering (RB), CG (DS)
Acting Workshop: Typing. Assign THE INTERVIEW

Reading: Secrets of Screen Acting pp.3-52, 83-97

Week 2

Weds. 10/7 Topic 2 Stereotypes: Why, What, How?

Reading: Television Production Handbook. Chapters 12,13,16,17 and reprints

Thurs. 10/8 THE INTERVIEW (1-12)

Friday 10/9 THE INTERVIEW (13-24)
Assign THE SOLO (Teams of 2)

Week 3

Weds. 10/14 Topic 3 Reflexivity, Kitsch, and Camp
Assign Research Report

Reading: Same Time, Same Station (all)

Thurs. 10/15 Review The Interview assignment, Workshops: performance, vision mixer part 2, and studio lighting.

Reading: Television Production Handbook, Chapters 2, 3, 10, 11, 14, 15

Friday 10/16 THE SOLO (Group A)
Introduction to Design and Tech for TV (Group B) in Com. 128

Week 4

Weds. 10/21 Topic 4 All about Ernie (Kovacs)
Pitch Research Topics

Reading: TV By Design: Modern Art and the Rise of Network Television. pp. 1-212

Thurs. 10/22 THE SOLO (Group B)
Introduction to Design and Tech for TV (Group A) in Com. 128

Friday 10/23 Critique THE SOLO
Production Teams and Crew Call; Design Consultation: Basics of Design; install 4 flats (Matt Lawrence)

Week 5

Weds. 10/28 Topic 5 Television Drama: From Studio 1 to the Twilight Zone
Seminar on Acting for Television

Reading: Secrets of Screen Acting, pp. 55-81, 99-188

AM Open Studio for experimentation

Thurs. 10/29 VISUAL MUSIC 1 9:30-12:30; VISUAL MUSIC 2 1:30-4:30

Friday 10/30 VISUAL MUSIC 3 9:30-12:30; VISUAL MUSIC 4 1:30-4:30

Week 6

Weds. 11/4 Topic 6 Next Generation/Experimentation: Warhol, Paik, Laugh-In et al.

Reading: TV By Design: Modern Art and the Rise of Network Television, pp. 213-298

AM Open Studio for experimentation

Thurs. 11/5 VISUAL MUSIC 5 9:30-12:30; VISUAL MUSIC 6 1:30-4:30

Friday 11/6 Critique VISUAL MUSIC
Directing Workshop
Assign STUDIO 2.0

Production Teams established

Reading: TAKE TEN: New 10-Minute Plays (all) and bring to Friday’s class.

Week 7

Weds. 11/11 10:00-1:00 Designing Blogs in WordPress MU

Bring visual materials on digital form that relate to your research project for your blog design
MAC Lab with Amy Greene

AM Open Studio for experimentation

Thurs. 11/12 Production meetings for STUDIO 2.0
PROJECT PITCHES; Production Meeting with Technical Theatre Staff

Friday 11/13 Research Reports due at 9:00 AM to Sally in Com. 305
9:30 Tech Design Workshop: set sketches and finished concept in Scene Shop
11-3 Production Groups formalize set sketches and rehearse for Studio 2.0
3-4:30 Finished design concepts presented to Matt for critique

Week 8

Weds. 11/18 Presentations: Early TV Abstracts 1-12

AM Open Studio for experimentation

Thurs. 11/19 Workshop STUDIO 2.0 projects
Presenters: Groups 1,2.3

Friday 11/20 Workshop STUDIO 2.0 projects
Presenters: Group 4

Final Play Selection; Adaptation for Television
Production Meeting and Crew Call
Design Consultation (Matt) including set building schedule

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break

Week 9

Mon. 11/30-Tues. 12/1 Directors and Production Designers meet with Matt to finalize design needs for Studio 2.0 productions and to prepare for camera blocking rehearsals.

Weds. 12/2 Presentations: Early TV Abstracts 13-24

Thurs. 12/3 9:30-12:30 Group 1 Blocking Rehearsal STUDIO 2.0
1:30-4:30 Group 2 Blocking Rehearsal STUDIO 2.0
Second half of class: Scene Shop for Set Construction etc.

Friday 12/4 9:30-12:30 Group 3 Blocking Rehearsal STUDIO 2.0
1:30-4:30 Group 4 Blocking Rehearsal STUDIO 2.0 10/14
Second half of class: Scene Shop for Set Construction etc.

Week 10

Mon. 12/7-Tues. 12/8 Dedicated Build Time in Scene Shop; Load in Sets CCAM Tuesday PM

Monday-Tuesday, 9-12 and 1-5 Open Studio for pre-production

Weds. 12/9 Production: STUDIO 2.0 Group 1 9:30-12:30

PM Open Studio for pre-production

Thurs. 12/10 Production: STUDIO 2.0 Group 2 9:30-12:30
Production: STUDIO 2.0 Group 3 1:30-4:30

Friday 12/11 Production: STUDIO 2.0 Group 4 9:30-12:30

1:30 Playback and Critique (ALL STUDIO 2.0) 1:30-4:30


Requirements for Full Credit (Fall)

1. Full participation in all class activities (this means no absences unless documented by a written excuse from a doctor).

2. Timely attendance at program events (this means no lateness will be tolerated in this program).

3. The completion of the following: four studio exercises (Interview, Solo, Visual Music, Studio 2.0), demonstration of technical and production skills in a multi-camera studio setting, evidence of effective collaboration, utilization of a research and production blog, and completion of a research report and oral presentation.

4. Quarterly Conferences with faculty; a fall evaluation conference (December 14, 15 or 16), written self-evaluation and faculty evaluation.

5. Partial credit (without prior arrangement) or incompletes will not be available in this program. Students must earn full credit each quarter in order to continue in the program.

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