Posted by Sally Cloninger on February 12, 2010 
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ALL SESSIONS ARE IN  5.1 Room, LIB. 1328

Note: you will need to load your .mov files on the computer in the 5.1 room before class.  This means if you are showing in the morning, you need to arrive by 9:00 at the latest to do this.  If showing in the afternoon, you will need to load your project during the lunch hour.  We will not have time to wait for your project to transfer so plan accordingly.  During your presentation you should leave time for 1. feedback, 2. questions, and 3. your own commentary about the process.

Thursday, Feb. 18
9:30 Jacob
10:00 Tabby
10:30 Matt
11:00 Brian
1:30 Victor
2:00 Ashe
2:30 Nick/Robert
3:00 Donny
3:30 Andy
4:00 James
Friday, Feb. 19
9:30 Ben/Gus/Robert
10:00 Tasha
10:30 Steven
11:00 Elena/Greer
11:30 Kamaria
1:30 Guy
2:00 Alexis
2:30 Hammer
3:00 Loie
3:30 Caitlin
4:00 Belinda



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