1. Collectively, we are striving to create the best production(s) we can but when ever possible we will accommodate the desire of individuals to acquire or deepen specific skills while keeping the group’s ideals and goals in mind.

2. Communication:  we intend to be open and direct; how we talk to each other and how decisions are made will be transparent.

3. We will have weekly production meetings.

4. We intend to begin our meetings by setting a good, safe, positive environment for every production.

5. As a group we expect that all individuals will follow through on their commitments.

6. We will respond to each others concerns with the goals of respect, active problem-solving, non-aggression, and a commitment to a quality product.

7. We will regard all work (whether or not ideas are accepted for final production) as  a valuable contribution towards the final product, putting aside personal agendas and ego.

8. We will recognize that leadership roles are most centrally  facilitator positions; people taking on these roles must ensure the completeness and high caliber of our collective goals. All those appointed to leadership positions must proceed with the intention of creating group work and by aiding others in an organized manner. We will make sure we are not overstepping boundaries.

9. There shall be clearly stated and defined responsibilities for production roles and crew positions.  We are bound by the Program Covenant and if there are issues about attendance or timeliness, students will confer with Sally and she will make sure that our practices are enforced.

10. We will  support each other  and help our classmates achieve their best work possible.

11. Positions of leadership (e.g., Producer, Director, Writer, Editor) will be  appointed by a group of our peers based on each individual’s specific qualifications and their genuine interest/passion re: the  production.

12. We intend to keep a careful eye on our content in order to avoid discrimination or offensive stereotypes or actions based on gender/race/sexuality/beliefs/mental or physical impairment etc. Do not force or assume someone is comfortable with poking fun at gender, race, sexuality or religion for the sake of humor.

13. Keep in mind that this is a place for collaboration and do not let personal ego, or pride be the driving force behind your commitment to a project.

14. After content has been generated in the pre-production phase, we will create a safe space to have a nonthreatening discussion about representation and our intended message and voice in our production(s).

15.When we accept a position, we acknowledge our understanding of the responsibilities that the position entails, and if we cannot live up to those standards, we will cede our position to someone who will be able to fulfill this requirement by negotiating with the producer in a timely manner.

16. In the interest of time and quality, persons in key roles will supply detailed and concise visual and written instructions for all creative and technical aspects of their proposed production in order to make their vision apparent to all involved parties. Producers and directors will come to each production fully prepared.  This includes camera cards, shot lists, annotated scripts and storyboards where applicable or necessary.

17. We will retain professional attitudes and create a hardworking, collaborative, and respectful atmosphere throughout all facets of the program.

18. We will maintain a safe place for all by being respectful of others and by maintaining a caring professional attitude. We will create a safe and professional learning and working environment by being respectful and  open-minded, by listening carefully, by not taking things personally, and by being mindful of the overall goals of the production(s) and the program.

19. As we develop  our production plan for spring,  we will make a definitive effort to allow for a plurality of content and ideas.

20. Conflict, dissent, or disgruntled emotions will be dealt with in a direct, tactful, and mature manner without others disqualifying or ignoring the subject or issue.  Decisions made by the group as a whole for the purpose of a successful production should not be construed as personal attacks or taken to heart.

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