Welcome back!!  We have an exciting week ahead.  By the end this week we will have made a commitment to our “emerging curriculum” and that means that we will have made important decisions about how our work will proceed this quarter.  Here is our schedule for Week 1.  PLEASE READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY. Weds., March [...]

Spring Pitches

As I understand the process right now, we have four pitch bibles being developed for Wednesday, March 31. 1. The Laws:  Guy, Greer, Donny, Hammer, Robert, Ashe, Jacob, Kamaria, Brian 2. Double Doors:  Victor, Elena, Alexis, Belinda, Loie 3. Space 4 Rent: Ben, Steven, Andy, Gus, Nick 5. Harold Heights: Matt, Caitlin, Tasha, James Good [...]

The Preliminary Pitch

Everyone is required to join a small team of three or four in order to create a specific preliminary pitch for our consideration. Some ideas may be quite similar but that is fine.  We still need to hear specific concept development.  Do not try to incorporate all of the ideas you heard today.  Be specific [...]