The Preliminary Pitch

Posted onMarch 4, 2010 
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Everyone is required to join a small team of three or four in order to create a specific preliminary pitch for our consideration. Some ideas may be quite similar but that is fine.  We still need to hear specific concept development.  Do not try to incorporate all of the ideas you heard today.  Be specific and work with the strengths of your particular “pitch team.”

THE PITCH: Each small production team will pitch a single idea next Wednesday. Pitches must be typed (hard copy in hand, electronic copy emailed to Sally) and include the following:

a. a working title,

b. your target audience and production method,

c. a brief treatment that outlines the narrative, or the characters/situation, or the format,

d. a statement about why the audience should care about this production (another way to phrase this would be, “tell us about the integrity of your vision and why a viewer would care about this idea”),

e. a brief description of the potential visual and creative qualities that make this production special and a good candidate for our consideration,

f. a detailed explanation of how your idea can best utilize the talents and strengths of class members,

g. a consideration of the feasibility of your idea given our production facility, time issues, and staff support.

These are due next Wednesday, March 10, 10:00 AM in Com. 323.  At this time we will decide which concepts should be taken through a more formal design phase.  This will include script writing, design, production management ideas, and further feasibility studies.  This work must be done by the beginning of spring quarter.  We cannot begin to discuss production roles or scheduling until this conceptual work is completed.

I am aware that many of you would like to consider the creation of two production teams.  That is fine with me.  Given our size, the scale of production, time commitments etc, I will not be likely to approve the commitment to more than two “series.”  We have a small budget for HD media, scenic design, and some props/costumes.  You will need to take the economics of the production into consideration as you work on these pitches.

Your work should now also be guided by the principles and expectations expressed in our Manifesto.

Please review Chapter 2.1 in Zettl if you need clarification of some of these concepts.

Focus Group

Posted onFebruary 12, 2010 
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Focus Group Committee Meeting Wednesday February 17th 10:30am in Com 326.


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ALL SESSIONS ARE IN  5.1 Room, LIB. 1328

Note: you will need to load your .mov files on the computer in the 5.1 room before class.  This means if you are showing in the morning, you need to arrive by 9:00 at the latest to do this.  If showing in the afternoon, you will need to load your project during the lunch hour.  We will not have time to wait for your project to transfer so plan accordingly.  During your presentation you should leave time for 1. feedback, 2. questions, and 3. your own commentary about the process.

Thursday, Feb. 18
9:30 Jacob
10:00 Tabby
10:30 Matt
11:00 Brian
1:30 Victor
2:00 Ashe
2:30 Nick/Robert
3:00 Donny
3:30 Andy
4:00 James
Friday, Feb. 19
9:30 Ben/Gus/Robert
10:00 Tasha
10:30 Steven
11:00 Elena/Greer
11:30 Kamaria
1:30 Guy
2:00 Alexis
2:30 Hammer
3:00 Loie
3:30 Caitlin
4:00 Belinda


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