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Join me In A Waltz

Join me in a waltz

In some Imperial hall

I’ll bow and you will curtsy

And we will dance, that’s all


The splender of this place

A page from a different age

The shimmer of the chandeliers

As the musicians take the stage


I’m so glad that you came

This world was made for you

You look so nice in velvet

White lace trimmed in blue


A glance thru an open window

The moon is shinning bright

enchanted by the sweet refrains

In the air tonight


The violins like nightingales

The cellos soft and low

The melody’s rise as above our eyes

A thousand candles glow


The moment hangs suspended

Time has lost it’s power

Tonight it’s only you and me

Dancing thru the hour


Ignore the other courtiers

Who linger in the hall

They hover all around you

But they cant dance at all


It’s all about the music

The melody so soft and pure

And for your gentle sadness

It’s the perfect cure


So join me in a waltz

A moment of light and grace

And lost in the music I shall see

A smile upon your face




David Edwards

As poetry recycles Nurons

Week 7 reverie


“The whole vanished universe is preserved by an odor”


I’m waiting for Rose at Radiance. Someone lights a beeswax candle. The smell. The smell of a thousand beeswax candles! Can you imagine it? When I was living in England there was an estate in Summereset. Several times a year the owners would polish up the chandliers, bring in a string section and we would dance as a thousand beeswax candles glowed above us. “It was so splendid Rose , so romantic” Rose is not impressed. ” Just a vestige of Imperialism Colonialism” she replies. ” Perhaps, but it was charming. I guess I will be writing this one by myself.” ‘Why are you going to even bother to try and take it somewhere” Rose asks. “It’s an exercise in reverie” I explain. I start to write. She takes out a huge marine biology textbook. But she can’t stay out of the game. The song is coming fast and the book is tedious. “Lets see what you got” she says snaching my notebook. “Well it’s cute” she has to admit “But you’re six verses into it and you still havn’t mentioned the candles.” ” I cant seem to get the damn candles in there without breaking the mood I’ve created” Rose picks up the pencil

The violins like nightingales

The cellos soft and low

The melodies rise as above our eye

A thousand candles glow

Damn she’s good! It moves in both directions. Up and down at the same . And there’s that perfect interior rhyme, right on the third line where it’s supposed to be. ” So do I get some copywright?” she asks. “You contributed a whole stanza. Of course you do” I replly.” Dosnt really matter. No one will be interested. it’s archaic nonsense.”


Have the house to myself through the night. The silence and solitude are intoxicating. Something will come through here. And it does, just as I wake. “If I could only love someone like you.” The music is coming at the same time. Root to the minor6 two times then minor 2 to the 5 chord. Pure pop. – Four Fig Newtons for breakfast and I head straight for Café Love. Rose is there. I write the line out and hum the melody. “So what we have here is an If-then statement” Rose says stirring the steam out of her coffee. “The if- then concept comes from a book of poetry. But this is a pop song. You’re not stealing an idea when you move it into a different art form. You’re adapting it. So just take it somewhere.”-  She sits doodling for twenty minutes then starts writing. “Then we’d grow like a tree in the sun. Complementary intertwining and shinning as one” It nestles right into the melody perfectly. Minor 2 to the 5 chord- “so who is the you” Rose asks.” There is no you” I reply. “Then what the hell is the song about” Rose wonders.” “I was married for twenty years. It was an emotionally dead relationship but I stayed in it because I felt it was what was best for my daughter. After the divorce I was in some pretty turbulent relationships” “Hurts so good eh” she smiles quoting John Mellencamp” “Exactly, that’s what the song is about and the chorus is about putting all that behind me and settling into a stable relationship”.” Is that what you want to do” Rose asks. “Hell no but my daughter thinks it would be a good idea. “Like a moth to flame” she writes. I head over to Radiance for some demiana. Four hours later we’ve dumped the whole bottle of demiana into our coffee cups and filled over 11 pages with lyrics, some of them pretty good. “Where the hell did the mermaids and the flying fish come from” I ask as I look at what she has just written. “Too much demiana” Rose replies.





What’s a person to do when the world is all black and blue

And not a whit of sense does it make

Wearing our hearts on our sleeves then complaining when they break

Or encasing them in ice and fiery flame

Then wondering why confusion and loneliness  reigns


If I could only love someone like you

Someone who’d take my heart and keep it true

Then we’d grow like a tree in the sun

complimentary  intertwining and shinning as one

If I could only love someone like you.


Like a moth to a flame I yearn for what is not mine

To lightning flashes of pain with those of a similar mind

We’re stars on collision course

We’ll make fireworks and we’ll die

we’ll suck each other dry like succubi

Till only empty shells remain


If I could only love someone like you…


What companions we’d be sitting by the sea

Rocking chairs on a porch by the sea [?]

Countless storms rushing in we’ll weather them combined

Flying fish and mermaids surround us as our bliss continues to climb

If I could only love someone like you…


Spend the day at Cafe Love. Rose is prepping Vennesa for her Chemistry Exam. H2O That’s chemistry, Water-tears. Brooks crying spells when we were first living together. So strange because we were so happy then. “I don’t know why I’m Crying” Rose and I spend the rest of the day writing “Tears”



For Brook

She’s like a cloud on a morning in may

Shifting her shape as she moves thru the day

Confronting the sun she holds back her tears

Till my shadow betrays me and she knows I am near

She’s like a whisp at the edge of the sky

She sighs as the heavy clouds push her on by

Ice to water vapor as molecules mobalise

Then that big hot sun starts sinking

and the cool of evening cuts her down to size

When the tears are all spent

We’ll sleep the night thru In love so warm we’ll wake as morning dew