What’s a person to do when the world is all black and blue

And not a whit of sense does it make

Wearing our hearts on our sleeves then complaining when they break

Or encasing them in ice and fiery flame

Then wondering why confusion and loneliness  reigns


If I could only love someone like you

Someone who’d take my heart and keep it true

Then we’d grow like a tree in the sun

complimentary  intertwining and shinning as one

If I could only love someone like you.


Like a moth to a flame I yearn for what is not mine

To lightning flashes of pain with those of a similar mind

We’re stars on collision course

We’ll make fireworks and we’ll die

we’ll suck each other dry like succubi

Till only empty shells remain


If I could only love someone like you…


What companions we’d be sitting by the sea

Rocking chairs on a porch by the sea [?]

Countless storms rushing in we’ll weather them combined

Flying fish and mermaids surround us as our bliss continues to climb

If I could only love someone like you…

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