E – Week 2 Log

Class Work 10 Hours

The rest of the class was at the retreat this week. I stayed home because the woods aren’t really cripple friendly. I spent several hours writing poetry in the presence of nature, reacting to the world around me and putting it into poetic form. I revised the poem in a way that I liked, trying to adjust my handwriting into a good font and spacing out the words more. The calculated poetics class continues to be amazing and I wish I was well enough to go to the Wednesday workshop. Also did all of the reading required for the seminar and enjoyed it, still really liking Perloff.

Sunday – 4 hours

Monday – 2 hours

Tuesday – 2 hours

Thursday – 2 hours

Writing 40 Hours

So while the class has been on retreat, I’ve been writing like a person obsessed. I suppose I am. I have overwhelmed the fifty pages that I allotted in my class notebook for this draft and I have barely gotten through Mauri and a little bit of Clara. It’s so odd, that this 3,000 word story isn’t just turning into a novel, it’s starting to turn into an entire series. Or a really long novel. Either of which I’m okay with. but I seem to have a hard time writing things that go into typical word counts. My novella was long for a novella but short for a novel, and these pieces that I’m writing about the people seem like they are going to end up being about 40,000 words a person, or about a young adult novel. So all four of the people will mean a really long novel. Maybe best to put them into pairs. That might work really well. Either way, I’m loving the writing and I’m off in search of a new notebook because this is just absolutely ridiculous and I need more room.

Monday – 6 hours

Tuesday – 10 hours

Wednesday – 8 hours

Thursday – 10 hours

Friday – 6 hours

Publishing 5 Hours

More phone tag. Made some appointments for the end of week three. Ended up browsing some more literary agents. Found a couple who might be interested in my story. Not entirely certain it’s quite the right niche that they are looking for, but it’s a shot. I will start working on cover letters, although I want to meet with Sandy before I decide anything officially.

Monday – 1 hour

Tuesday – 2 hours

Wednesday – 1 hour

Friday – 1 hour

Total: 55 hours

Cumulative total: 111

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