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E – Week 5 Log

Cumulative writing total January 21st – February 3rd

32 hours

Master total hours: 32

February 4th

Seminar paper: .5 hour

Research: 1 hour

Reading: 6 hours

Total: 7.5 hours

Weekly total: 7.5 hours

Texts: Reading and the BrainUnoriginal GeniusI am J


February 5th

Seminar participation: 1 hour

Reading: 4 hours

Writing: 1 hour

Total: 6 hours

Weekly total: 13.5 hours

Texts: I am J

February 6th

Discussion participation: 1 hour

Reading: 5 hours

Poetry writing and recording: 2 hours

Logistics, organizing, preparing: 1 hour

Texts: I am JThe Poetics of Reverie

Total: 9 hours

Weekly total: 21.5 hours

February 7th

Writing: 9 hours

Reading: 1 hour

Total: 10 hours

Weekly total: 31.5 hours

Texts: I am J

February 8th

Editing: 2 hours

Self-evaluation writing: 2 hours

Poetry writing and rehearsal: 2 hours

Total: 6 hours

Weekly total: 37.5

February 9th:

Writing: 3 hours

Reading and synthesis: 2 hours

Total: 5 hours

Weekly total: 42.5 hours

Master total: 74 hours

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