E – Week 9 Log


4 hours writing term paper

Total hours: 4


4 hours writing term paper

8 hours digitizing story

Total: 12

Cumulative total: 18


4 hours digitizing story

7 hours writing term paper

Total: 11

Cumulative total: 29


6 hours digitizing story

Total: 6

Cumulative total: 35


8 hours digitizing story

Finally finished. Took absolutely forever. Figures that I’m such a perfectionist that I had to edit it a whole bunch. I hope it turned out well.

Total: 8

Cumulative total: 43


2 hours writing poetry

Total: 2

Cumulative total: 45


2 hours writing poetry, digitizing work, retagging post

1 hour poetry observed.

Total: 3

Cumulative total: 48

Couldn’t find the drivers for my camera, so I had to go and install a new program to use it. Took longer than I was expecting.

Grand total: 415.5 hours

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