Ml – Week 6 log

February 11th

1 hour – Writing lyrics
2.5 hours – Reading “Reading in the Brain”
1 hour – Studying lyrics “Jay-Z week”

1 hour – Writing and posting weekly seminar passage

February 12th

2 hours – Studying Hip Hop as an oral art

4 hours – Reading “Book of Rhymes”

2 hours – Recording session

February 13th

2 hours – Watching “Rhyme and Reason”

30 minutes – Contributing to virtual seminar and commenting on sem passes

February 14th

4 hours – Reading “Book of Rhymes

I found out that a good friend of mine had passed away on this day so I didn’t get a lot done but reading really helped take my mind off of things.

February 15th

2 hours – Reading “Book of Rhymes”

2.5 hours – Writing

February 16th

3 hours – Reading: “Book of Rhymes”

2 hours – Recording session: “experimenting with voice”

February 17th

3 hours – Recording session: “experimenting with voice”

1 hours – Writing lyrics



This week: 33.5

Cumulative total: 69

Reading List:

Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip Hop

Music, The Brain, and Ecstacy

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