Q- the heart is a pulsing organ,fertile,needle:sperm,fabric:egg

Transcribed from a typewriter:

Today marks a moment where I finally felt the blood pulsing through my veins

all the way from my brain center of my pulsing organ, that is my heart

My Smooth skin is sailing.

feels, tactile (Death. Birth)

I am in my first trimester. Birthing the harmony between needle and fabric (maiden and mother)

into being

I am to embark, set sail, cast off

cast  in

to my

Quilted Pregnancy.

Filled with Harmonic Fertility

My time is being tic tocked on my moon clock. Fabric.                             F A      B       r    i       C


BLANKET. Quilt. Inside of me

inside of me.

Traditionally,  the quilt is sewn to mark a right of passage.


A marriage,

a motherhood

or all of the bible scriptures, old baseball jerseys , a coming of age

a passing

down of log cabin

patterns, and embroidered stories

I am vibrating,Pulsing the needle, with my juicy, swollen, ripe, innocent, beating, vibrating, dancing


The pulsing heart needle drags the thread through the fabric

into being.

Needle:sperm, fabric:egg

a story is born

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