my first language poem

A faded day

in my head, again


I fade.


can’t know who


i got to here when

i was







No think.

You are what you DO

–you are how to lose


For now.


All I need is confidence

or My heart is weak

And i pass out

or i don’t think

And i fall from grace.


Today i thought was bad

but into my heart,

people are nice.

out of my head

Ain’t so bad.


write like this

it’s nice.


I love the World.


can’t a sentence

Hope to please

And/or water

the Tree of Meaning?


could go on forever–

no idiom


Never follow me


Never follow my

track of letters


in chaos

as i walk two three

and back again

in the chaos of my under-mind

–the one that doesn’t think–

but knows.


me before i do.


I am

the one who counts

no quantify

are you sing?

don’t pass me by.


I do.

but i am


i try,

i really do


To be the best instinct I can


Ego is an IDiot


I find ‘to be’ entrapped

by me when I’m sttuck within myself

I see

when ‘me” is disappeared


A product of what–




Leave unresolved.

For now.

i am solved

by whomever I am.

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