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Writing (my first long poem, in some ways also my ACTUAL first language poem)


Writing, writing

I know not

showing only what I’ve bought

Make me fancy, make me fine,

words only mask what we forgot.


Tell me what the beauty sees–

but restricted


Never-ending story told,

the Passion only felt

How do you survive

when you can only describe?

–when the blow

can’t be felt?


And so quatrain one completes

the story that somehow


the purpose of the experience.

Every page empty as a lonesome Journal.


Yet so subtle.


The trees shine on forever,

leaves beautifully reflecting

the sun. will it stop?



We all know where this story will go.


Fill the pages from head to toe,

until the blaze of Carpal Tunnel

Seizes your tools

and you suddenly forget

which way the wind blows.


Continue on,


until the softness that you sing

surrounds and heals your broken wing

don’t lose it–

least you fall & break in half

in attempt to describe

a door.


Language does what is easy–

simple ticks, swishes, and curves–

to convey the Immense–

the love of a child

and his brother. But prose alone

will always be

A product of this harmony;

the sounds, the sights,


–Just as they’ve always been

But do they show?

I don’t know,

I don’t know,

I don’t know.

I see in my head

what you wanna convey,

But it was not mine–

it’s in your life to stay.

Every day, this happens to us.

A Language of Adjectives.

That is what we must undone.

Dependence on the viewing screen,

in front of men with sexless suits,

flashing descriptions of beauty

before their very eyes


And they think they think no less of this

of course, because their eyes

are made of myst


And we know of no other way to exist.

should this language really BE?

ticks and flicks and rambling lines

can never stand the test of time.

Where was I going?

You won’t know,

you sacred “El Magnifico”

who thinks he can control the Earth

–there is no place for you.


I still can’t wrap my head around it–

or won’t–

Either way, we still betray

what is Abounded

so stealing thoughts is the best I can do,

I state this plain and simple.

With all the grandeur I could use

to state my place

and make you think me worthy,

I won’t.

I write only what I can

About the state

of the world,

And expect you to not understand.


Because you can’t.


I see me change into a kite

Fly away————–

see soon what will come

–and be done.

I see dyslexia aplenty

hurting the desk

of mystery (black-cherry finish)


where all the paper’s a jumbled mess

that doesn’t exist in the first place

Because this what-i-am is gold

in a field of tin

and completely


my first language poem

A faded day

in my head, again


I fade.


can’t know who


i got to here when

i was







No think.

You are what you DO

–you are how to lose


For now.


All I need is confidence

or My heart is weak

And i pass out

or i don’t think

And i fall from grace.


Today i thought was bad

but into my heart,

people are nice.

out of my head

Ain’t so bad.


write like this

it’s nice.


I love the World.


can’t a sentence

Hope to please

And/or water

the Tree of Meaning?


could go on forever–

no idiom


Never follow me


Never follow my

track of letters


in chaos

as i walk two three

and back again

in the chaos of my under-mind

–the one that doesn’t think–

but knows.


me before i do.


I am

the one who counts

no quantify

are you sing?

don’t pass me by.


I do.

but i am


i try,

i really do


To be the best instinct I can


Ego is an IDiot


I find ‘to be’ entrapped

by me when I’m sttuck within myself

I see

when ‘me” is disappeared


A product of what–




Leave unresolved.

For now.

i am solved

by whomever I am.

Randomly Stabbed in the back of the thigh

I wonder why

she does not call to me instead

All these ghosts in sailboats

are the reason I have cried.

To me, she says “I’m almost there”

but she was always standing there

“Seize him? No reason.”

And so my spirit died.

C- this is a song, not a poem…


Welcome to the Forest

Greenman says hello

Greenman says hello


See you through the window sitting at the table

Words are wandering about but nothing’s being said


I know you think that nothing helps

and the world won’t ever let you off your feet


But do you sense

something’s coming

in the distance–

what’s that sound?

suddenly you see


suddenly you see

a flash of red across the window

a twinkle in his eye

but just enough to keep you guessing

when you’re stuck inside


“What is reality,” you say

racing to the door before

he goes away

running so fast your phone jumps out your pocket


see the Piper standing

across the street, demanding

“Drop your salary,

Lose your understanding

of reality

and do not take another step until your feet are bare

and don’t be scared

of the light in my eye.”


But these words he does not speak

he is a raven without a beak

and you hear all he has to say

in the music he secretes

the Piper leads you


Greenman says hello


the piper leads you down the stairs

away from this polluted air

to a place where if your feet are bare

you will not be scared


The Piper leads you to a forest

the sound of his enchantment getting louder with each step

and you get deep into the woods,

now you rest


He disappears

but you still hear

the many songs of wisdom in your ear


Look over there and see a tree

singing its polyphony

telling you that all it sees is magic


Now look around and feel the song

with all six of your senses

Where you sit, there are no bad

attitudes, or fences


And suddenly, you see

voices all around

it does not scare you, make you ask

What is that sound



has come and gone

you are in no time

welcome to the Forest.

your mind has crossed the line.


Greenman says hello


Greenman says “hello,

welcome to the Forest

Do not take another step until your feet are bare

and don’t be scared

of the light in my eye


You are gone


Now shed your clothes, not your tears

and dive into the river,

it will cleanse you


the branches of the bushes

stroke the water’s surface

and you reach up and pick their fruit

when they sing to you, too


And when you’re finished in the trees,

lay down and make love to me

beneath the canopy


do you see

Do you see that we are blind

to the world outside

this river now will continue to flow

till the end of time

away from this polluted air

you will not be scared


Your mind has crossed the line

you have gone away from there

now that both your feet are bare

and you’re not scared

of the light in my eye


And then you finally

open your eyes

you were sleeping outside

and now it’s dark, the sun has set

distraught and betrayed, you turn for bed

but across the street, a flash of red

suddenly you see


Across the street, the Piper stands

with a lute on his back and a flute in his hands

decked out from cap to toe

in glowing red, with streaks of gold

and shining eyes of crystal


The Piper is there, he wasn’t a dream

however fantastical it may seem,

there is a land of reverie

and it’s what you see

when you close your eyes


And know that when your feet are bare,

you’ll always see him standing there

you’ll hear his music in the air

and you will not be scared.

I wonder, should we end it here?


Greenman says hello…

the Piper leads you…

Greenman says hello…

the piper leads you…

you are gone…


Greenman says…I’ll see you soon.

C- Forest Poem three



even water cannot wash

the things that bring pollution here



no more, it must be cleansed

all the Forest runs with fear



the mother deer and fawn

a light this bright won’t come till dawn


We are dancing

we are cleansing

we are burning, burning down the land


We were passive for too long,

and now there comes a sweeping hand



we are MIGHTY

do not take our presence lightly


We are your passion

burning tears

taking away your fear, your fear


Blast away all but your love

pouring, soaring high above


Guide us gently, guide us soon

or you will be taken too!

C- Forest Poem two


Hopefully you’ll come to me

you’re running free

weave in and out, you’re nurturing

and coming back around to feed yourself again


The water here is crystal clear

it is not sharp, is not a spear

it empragnates the land and flows

over, up and down a road

of its own making always waking

up the life it flows and feeds


But drowns you when you submerge in

Submerge in her again again

you lose yourself when you come near

the waterfall that sheds a tear

for none who brave its heights, a grave

for those who tempt the water’s might.

C- Forest Poem one


“Drop your mind,”

says the wind

let it whisper,

let it in

never changing

never there

in your hand

but the air

is everywhere

where you stand

40,000 pounds of voices pushing down on your shoulders

invisible voices

speaking solemnly

in whispers of the past

voices leading to a path

in the darkness–

don’t be scared

there is no true pollution

in the air.