P – Week 8 Log

5.20.13:  1 morning pages, 1/2 meditation, 2 walking meditation/nature hike, 2 poetry workbook, 1 WordPress, 1 Neuro/reverie

5.21.13:  3/4 morning pages, 1 walking meditation, 3 writing paper, 2 reading Everything Being Is Dancing, 2 reading & notes on House of Incest

“My first vision of earth was water veiled.  I am of that race of men and women who see all things through this curtain of sea, and my eyes are the color of water.”  –House of Incest, Anais Nin

5.22.13:  1 morning pages, 3/4 yoga, 1/2 chat with Sarah, 3 David Seamon’s website, 2 notes for paper

“…a lived reciprocity whereby house and inhabitants mutually sustain and reflect each other, sometimes in positive ways that facilitate engagement and care; at other times, in negative ways that intimate or spur personal or social dissolution.”  –From David Seamons’ article “Gaston Bachelard’s Topoanalysis”

5.23.13:  1 morning pages, sudden move to Indiana and loss of internet access, 2 writing poetry

5.24.13:  3/4 morning pages, 1 Bodystories, 5 writing paper, 2 notes on Seamon articles

5.25.13:  1/2 morning pages, 1 yoga, 4 3/4 writing paper,

5.26.13:  last trip back to Kentucky

Total:  41.5 hours

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