P – Week 9 Log

5.27.13:  4 reading Neuro, 1 reverie

5.28.13:1 morning pages, 1 yoga, 3 organizing paper, 1 meditation (to calm down because I was getting way too anxious about my paper)

5.29.13:  1 morning pages, 1 reading Everything Being is Dancing, 2 rereading highlights in Poetics of Space, 2 freewriting (trying to generate ideas for paper)

“The forest is a before-me, before-us, whereas for fields and meadows, my dreams and recollections accompany all the different phases of tilling and harvesting. When the dialectics of the I and the non-I grow more flexible, I feel that fields and meadows are with me, in the with-me, with-us. But forests reign in the past. I know, for instance, that my grandfather got lost in a certain wood. I was told this, and I have not forgotten it. It happened in a past before I was born. My oldest memories, therefore, are a hundred years old, or perhaps a bit more.” (Bachelard, 188)

5.30.13:  Train back to Washington, 2 train notes, 1 morning pages, 2 writing poetry, 1 train reverie

5.31.13:  1 morning pages, 1 train meditation, 1 photography, 2 reading David Seamon articles

6.1.13:  3/4 morning pages, 1/2 Bodystories, 6 writing paper

6.2.13:  5 writing paper

Total:  40.25

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