Unity in Time

“Asylum barn” by Crystal Muns

I hold within me all
the secrets of my time
not your time,
just my clock
not yours,

It shifts me through
the many gears
that grind on my heart
that tug at my sleeve
and lead me to,
I haven’t the slightest!

The road goes ever on
and on, down from the door
where it all began
twenty three years ago
in a dry city,
and eastern city,
a Rich-land.

Twenty three years
between me and her
but twenty three years
we share all the same
My mind is the child’s
and the child’s is mine

Unity in the chaos
of an ever flowing

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About Crystal Poor

I am a crafty and creative woman who is interested in poetry, art, long walks on beaches, and poking dead things on beaches with a stick. I have in recent years graduated from The Evergreen State College, got married, and am leading a fairly productive life outside in the world I love. It isn't always rainbows and butterflies but it's a good life, and I will keep creating things for as long as I live.

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