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a bit

A listless expression hangs upon my face,
I feel nothing, my fingers dance in
the void. Why am I this way?
am I not real, is that the rhyme
and reason for why I feel
so cut and dry?
am I trying to hide something
from myself?

War zone

There is no escape from this mess of decay and fire,
the war zone has stretched itsĀ boundaries,
and the sky grows angry and red as the sun begins to fall,
and all the children sit and stare and pray with silent eyes that heed no one.
a trap of this worlds greed was devised ages ago,
when first heart did turn in spite of his neighbor,
the red flag was there but was never heeded,
and so a seed was sown and from it sprung,
all the hate and discontent within our fading hearts.

Memories and poetic bits

I still remember all the good times,
all the laughter,
and the pain of thorns.

I remember it all,
pictures vividly dancing round.

I saw the tears stream from your eyes,
and watched them collect the light.
I watched Beauty sprout from sorrow,
and I saw the agony within the mind
of one as fierce, and captivating as the wolves we both emulated.

we ruled the pack,
how I do remember our analogies so well,
yet in the end It was not the unruly Beta that disbanded us,
twas us dear,
twas us,
we were are own demise,
our own ruin.

And now we step back and see,
our kingdom lost to us forever,
a new road approaching,
one goes left,
the other right,
separate paths for separate lives.
Though meet again we shall,
since all roads meet eventually.

What? The End

When in the outside world,
all seems to be crumbling,
all seems to be at an end,
what shall we consider the cause?

Is it the workings of
our politicians, bringing
our spirits to a lowly state,
or is the root to ruin found
in our past, in the foundation
of our country as it stands.

So many questions,
so many answers,
all right
in their own right.

The Stone (Another Memory Poem)

I’ve seen the truth slip out your mouth and vanish.
thus giving your speech no ring, nothing to hold to.
There is no peace within this glade, as you stand befor me,
sun ore your head, your sham has met it’s end
with my defiance. I will not waver like the trees to the wind,
I am stone, solid and forboding,
ominouse yet beautiful in its own right.
and you my dear wind, have no power over me.
Yet you are blind and see nothing,
you do not see the softer side of the stone,
the part that weeps, for you once ment so much,
now you mean so little.

Memories of Heartache

Maybe I’m not dead yet
but you’ve already buried me.
you laid me to rest
with her hand in yours,
thorns of the rose
drawing blood.

“I’ll always love you” that’s
what you said before I
Turned my head, and you
slipped far out of reach,
far beneath this sea
of red lies.

monotone eyes look on
as a heart lies broken

Unity in Time

“Asylum barn” by Crystal Muns

I hold within me all
the secrets of my time
not your time,
just my clock
not yours,

It shifts me through
the many gears
that grind on my heart
that tug at my sleeve
and lead me to,
I haven’t the slightest!

The road goes ever on
and on, down from the door
where it all began
twenty three years ago
in a dry city,
and eastern city,
a Rich-land.

Twenty three years
between me and her
but twenty three years
we share all the same
My mind is the child’s
and the child’s is mine

Unity in the chaos
of an ever flowing

Winters Heart (A Reflection)


“She Walks in Beauty” by Crystal Muns 2013

The days fly by my window like the birds who
having nowhere else to roam, and having made this
dreary town their own, nestle in the hidden kiss
of serpentine dew,
Eden is old fashioned too!
And so all faith shall go amiss
as night to gaudy day resists
all that is, and all that’s overdue.

Bring hand in hand the end of days
may the bell of sorrow ring no more
but may the light of all these winters
never lose their chord, least there blaze,
a passionate fire, uncontrolled devolve to lore,
so that my heart shall weep forever-more.

Cold Streets

“Love hurts” by Crystal Muns 2013

Its not sad to say
that things just sliped away
it happens all to often in this place.
the streets are cold now,
I cant hear your breath,
what more is there left.

I’ve been lost in winter mournings
icy and frost covered
blue lips kiss my sleep
drenched eyelids, and
I’m lost in amaranthian summers

What is reality?