War zone

There is no escape from this mess of decay and fire,
the war zone has stretched itsĀ boundaries,
and the sky grows angry and red as the sun begins to fall,
and all the children sit and stare and pray with silent eyes that heed no one.
a trap of this worlds greed was devised ages ago,
when first heart did turn in spite of his neighbor,
the red flag was there but was never heeded,
and so a seed was sown and from it sprung,
all the hate and discontent within our fading hearts.

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About Crystal Poor

I am a crafty and creative woman who is interested in poetry, art, long walks on beaches, and poking dead things on beaches with a stick. I have in recent years graduated from The Evergreen State College, got married, and am leading a fairly productive life outside in the world I love. It isn't always rainbows and butterflies but it's a good life, and I will keep creating things for as long as I live.

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