Winters Heart (A Reflection)


“She Walks in Beauty” by Crystal Muns 2013

The days fly by my window like the birds who
having nowhere else to roam, and having made this
dreary town their own, nestle in the hidden kiss
of serpentine dew,
Eden is old fashioned too!
And so all faith shall go amiss
as night to gaudy day resists
all that is, and all that’s overdue.

Bring hand in hand the end of days
may the bell of sorrow ring no more
but may the light of all these winters
never lose their chord, least there blaze,
a passionate fire, uncontrolled devolve to lore,
so that my heart shall weep forever-more.

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About Crystal Poor

I am a crafty and creative woman who is interested in poetry, art, long walks on beaches, and poking dead things on beaches with a stick. I have in recent years graduated from The Evergreen State College, got married, and am leading a fairly productive life outside in the world I love. It isn't always rainbows and butterflies but it's a good life, and I will keep creating things for as long as I live.

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