Week 3 Log

April 15th

  • 2hrs reading

  • 2 hours  Monday class yoga session

April 16th

  • 3 hours working with photography/ getting acquainted with the new Photoshop

  • .5 hr – Reading and Responding to Seminar Passes

  • 1hr experimenting with sonnets

April 17th

  • 1hr self-meditation

  • 0.5 hrs free writing on meditation

  • 2hrs constructing poetry from abstract thoughts from med. and free writing

  • 2 hrs reading

April 18th

  • 5 hrs of reading

  • 1hr of writing

April 19th

  • 3 hrs of reading

  • 1hr of writing

  • 1hr of trip planning for next week

April 20th

  • 4 hrs reading

  • 2 hrs online research into ghost towns of WA, OR, and ID

  • .5 hours —Wordpress work

April 21st

  • .5 hour – Word Press Work


This week: 32hrs

Reading List:

  • Industrial ruins

  • Ruins

  • Meditation in a new york minute

  • Zen Master Raven

  • Guide to the ruins: poems  by Howard Nemerov
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About Crystal Poor

I am a crafty and creative woman who is interested in poetry, art, long walks on beaches, and poking dead things on beaches with a stick. I have in recent years graduated from The Evergreen State College, got married, and am leading a fairly productive life outside in the world I love. It isn't always rainbows and butterflies but it's a good life, and I will keep creating things for as long as I live.

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