E – Week 3 Log

How to Survive Being Blessed – 20 hours

The story is starting to come along. I’m working on the second draft of a couple of people, Mauri/Auntie being one of them. It’s tough going, because for right now I’m just trying to get everything out and this story is turning out to be so much bigger than I imagined. It’s still fun, still amazing, still rewarding, and it’s especially awesome now that I’m starting to get into the rhythm. It’s starting to look like I might have to rewrite Colin’s piece in order to have it fit in with the rest of the story, but other than that, it’s looking good.

Monday – 4 hours

Tuesday – 6 hours

Wednesday – 5 hours

Friday – 5 hours

Class work – 15 hours

The poetry workshop this week was phenomenal. Watching everyone perform was fantastic, and it was even more amazing because of the way everyone reacted to my poetry observed video. Seminar was, as always, enlightening and it’s interesting for me to realize that I’m much less of a science person than I assumed I was. Rose is still incredibly dense and difficult for me to get through, and I don’t understand why he doesn’t try to make his writing clearer. Howe was equally dense, but somehow made my head hurt less. Maybe because Howe is the type of writing where if you relax and let it hit you it makes sense. Where as Rose is just…. Dense. Very, very dense unnecessarily.

Sunday – 4 hours

Monday – 3 hours

Tuesday – 6 hours

Thursday – 2 hours

Publishing – 5 hours

Met with Sean Williams who showed me how to ePublish. It looks like it could be a good option, although I would have to do much of my own promotion. There’s some basic steps I could take and my manuscript is going to need more editing before that happens. Also met with Sandra Yannone at the writing center and she gave me some excellent advice about finding and researching places like journals or magazines that would be more likely to publish my work. As it was, I also spent about three hours proof-reading it again and there are apparently still typos. Fun times. I think I need to get some fresh eyes on it because I am absolutely sick to death of it at this point.

Tuesday – 2 hours

Friday – 3 hours

Total: 40 hours

Cumulative total: 151

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