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MIT 2008 Fall Book List

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Orientation Schedule and Seminar Groups

Copy of Introduction Letter to all Students

Integration Group Roles

Integration Groups

APA Endnote Instructions

Accessing Calawah From Home

Dreamweaver Help

Instructions for Tea Party

Autobiography Assignment 1

More elaborate instructions on evaluating web sites.

Evaluation intstructions, names and links.

Seattle Field Trip Letter (11/21/2006)

Mug Shots (11/12/2006)

Web Page Rubric (11/09/2006)

Integration Paper #2 (11/09/2006)

New Rubric for Integration Paper (11/09/2006)

Conversation Between Steiner and Dewey (pdf) (11/09/2006)

Shadow of Hate Film Notes (10/31/2006)

Autobiography Assignment #2 (10/25/2006)

Statistics Stuff (10/24/2006)

Rubric for Literature Review (10/19/2006)

Brain Workshop Student Notes (10/18/2006)

Brain Workshop Handout (10/18/2006)

Rubric for Integration Papers (10/17/2006)

Tea Party Posters (10/16/2006)

Integration Paper #1 (11/09/06)

Possible Integration Paper Prompt

Models of Teaching Handouts

Doc form of Plato text with annotations for workshop

Rousseau Assignment



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