First Class Meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 30

Posted by Sally Cloninger on September 17, 2009 
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10:00 AM sharp in Com. 326 (Screening Room).  Please make every effort to purchase books before the start of the program as there is reading due immediately. (See email to class for details).  I will be at Academic Fair on Monday, Sept. 21 (4:00) if you have any pressing concerns.

Back to the Future/back to the 50s: Watching you!

Sally in the Control Room

Photo Credit: ©2009 Peter Randlette


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  • Kamaria on September 21st, 2009 10:13 am    

    I’m terribly excited for this class to start. For too long have I been slacking off this summer. By the way, I’m even more excited to use the TV studio, because it just looks so sweet.

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