Ecological and Social Sustainability

MES 1st Year Core Program, Winter, 2011

Tuesday and Thursday, 6-10 pm, Lecture:  LH 2
Lectures and Seminars (typically 6-7:39 and 8-9:50, respectively)
LAB-I 3033 (Ralph), LAB-I 2033 (Judy), LAB-II 2211 (Gerardo)
Gerardo Chin-Leo   Lab II, Rm 2274     (360) 867-6514  chinleog
Judy Cushing          Lab I, Rm  1003      (360) 867-6652   judyc
Ralph Murphy         Lab I, Rm 3014       (360) 867-6430 murphyr

Ecological and Social Sustainability (ESS) is the second required core program in Evergreen’s MES curriculum. Following gCORE, ESS continues the presentation of an interdisciplinary approach to understanding environmental issues and the development of analytical methods to conduct research. ESS extends the examination of environmental issues to the national and global scale addressing key issues of contemporary environmental problems: sustainability, natural resource management and stewardship, climate change and the oceans, energy regimes and policy, ecological connectivity, and practical strategies for achieving positive social and environmental change. A variety of specific skills are emphasized, including systems theory, selected quantitative methods and models for environmental problem solving, environmental economics, public policy, and land use planning.  As part of this program, students complete and present a research paper that demonstrates evidence of the ability to complete graduate level scholarship.  At the conclusion of winter quarter, students are evaluated for candidacy in the MES program.  Candidacy is awarded based on the cumulative record of work during the first two quarters and the quality of the candidacy research paper.

Texts (in order of use)

Panarchy (ch. 1-3), L. H. Gunderson & C. S. Holling.  Island Press.  2002.  PDF posted on web site.http://moodle.evergreen.edu/file.php/1272/PanarchyCh1-3.pdf

Thinking in Systems: A Primer. D. Meadows. Chelsea Green Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-603-58055-7

Cod. M. Kurlanski. Penguin Books. ISBN: 978-0-140-27501-8

Messages from Frank’s Landing. C. Wilkinson. University of Washington Press. 2000. ISBN: 9780295985930 2005 first paper back edition, ISGN 0-295-98593-3

Freedom from Oil: How the Next President Can End the United States’ Oil Addiction, D. Sandalow, McGraw Hill, 2008, ISBN 10:0-7-148906-1

Storms of my Grandchildren. J. Hansen. Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781608192007

Special Issue on Connectivity. D. Peters et al.  Front Ecol Environ 2008; 6(5). PDF posted on web site, at  http://blogs.evergreen.edu/ess/files/2010/12/FEE_peters_SI_connectivity_08.pdf

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