Week 8 – Feb 22

Lectures and Workshops: The theme of the week is connectivity, modeling, and scaling across time and space; Judy will be lecturing:  1)  On Tuesday with Dominique Bachelet on a hydrology model used in predicting climate change impacts, and 2) on Thursday about connectivity.

  1. Tuesdays slides are here.
  2. MC1 (the entire climate impact model) Documentation here.
  3. Hydrology Model (h20los) FORTRAN code here (contact Judy if you want the FORTRAN source instead of this pdf).
  4. Workshop document here.
  5. Judy’s Hydrology Process Stock and Flow diagram here.

Seminar reading :  Deb Peters and Steve Carpenter (eds), Special Issue on Connectivity, Front Ecol Environ 2008; 6(5).

  • For Tuesday:  Peters, Guest Editorials (pp. 227-228), Living in an increasingly connected world (pp 229-237).  Please also look at the three very short articles about modeling (#1, #2, #3)
  • For Thursday:  Remaining articles in Peters, pp. 238-284.

Tuesday:  2nd draft of Candidacy Paper (for faculty review); please upload to the Moodle and bring hard copy to seminar.

There are no seminar writing assignments this week (unless your seminar faculty has told you otherwise).

Other Events:

Monday, February 28, Seminar 2 B 1105, MES Thesis Presentations

  • 4:30-4:50. Patricia Bateman: Marine Transportation and Aquatic Invasive Species Transmittal: Comparing Hawai’i and Washington Policy
  • 4:50-5:10. Doug Littauer: Rural Wetland Functions and Protection:  A Case Study

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