Week 4 – Jan 25

Lectures and Workshops:

Tuesday and Thursday:  Ralph will talk about Policy & Economics of Fisheries.  Slides on Boldt Decision (Tuesday & Thursday);  Slides on Salmon (Thursday)

Seminar:  Remember (as per announcement in class Week 2) :

  1. Wilkinson’s Messages from Frank’s Landing is out of print and that you will have to procure a copy from somewhere other than the bookstore, e.g., 2nd year MES student or Amazon.
  2. You can download Boldt Decision here.  A “printer friendly” (fewer pages, same text) version is here.
  • for Tuesday:  Read Wilkinson (first half) and Boldt Decision
  • for Thursday:  Read Wilkinson (second half) and Boldt Decision

See Seminar Roles (under docs) on NavBar for a description of each of the 3 roles.

Candidacy Paper: Continue work on the paper!  1st draft (for peer review) due in two weeks (Tuesday, Feb. 15).

Midterm Exam: This take-home exam (closed book, closed notes, 2 hour) will be distributed this week (Thursday, January 27), and due next Tuesday, Feb. 1.

Other Events: Be sure to sign up for the Field trip and Potluck if you are not going to CONFOR.  If you ARE going to CONFOR, be aware that you will be asked to report back to your seminar!

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